ENG 207: English for Engineering (AUS Sustainability)

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    Use of Offshore Wind Farms to Generate Dubai’s Future Electricity Needs
    (2015-02-01) Ali, Lara; Qutob, Sarah; Elayouty, Ahmed; Sandeed, Iyas; Elbeltagi, Yousef
    Electricity demand is increasing and will increase more in Dubai due to EXPO 2020. Fossil fuels are used to generate electricity are depleting. Therefore, there has to be a solution to cover this increase and prevent any reduction in electricity supply.
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    Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
    (2015-02-01) Maarouf, Nisreen; Motiwala, Mehak; Mustafa, Syed Hamdan; Saeed, Hafsa
    Depletion of fossil fuels and gasoline, and their effect on the global climate, necessitate the need for an alternative source of energy. Approximately 170,000 TW of solar radiation fall on the earth’s surface and is not fully utilized. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a method of electricity generation using solar radiation.
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    Grey: A New Shade of Green
    (2015-02-01) Elayyan, Laith; Hamdan, Hassan; Saba, Wesam; AlSheikh, Yousef
    In this project, we have designed and created a system that can re-use grey water that is being wasted in buildings, which will be effective in countries such as United Arab Emirates due to their high water consumption. The system consists of various kinds of sensors, filters, pumps, pipes, tanks and solar panels. The process relies on collecting the water, detecting impurities, cleansing the water and finally supplying it to individual households for use. This process proved to be most safe, economical and efficient at reducing the high water stress that the UAE suffers from.
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    Water Treatment using Nanotechnology
    (2015-02-01) Salah, Halima; Soares, Ilda; Gandhi, Poojaben; Mir, Raza
    Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering. This project looks at designing an environmentally friendly water treatment plant which uses modern technology to treat water, identifying the conditions required to build this plant based on the harsh desert climate here in the UAE, and making sure this plant works more efficiently. and economically
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    Sustainable Energy Replacement for Asphalt: Solar Roadways
    (2015-02-01) Hegazi, Mohamed; Saad, Sarah; Mohammed, Hussein; Amin, Mohammed
    The goal of this research project is to replace the current asphalt roads with an alternative that will make use of the thermal energy both from the sun’s heat and the friction from car tires that was previously wasted on heating up the asphalt.
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    Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
    (2015-02-01) Kaltham, Faris; Aref, Mohammed; Iqbal, Muhammad
    Would transparent photovoltaic cells contribute in producing at least part of the energy consumed when applied on high rise towers.
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    Optimization of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Performance and Range Through Battery Enhancements
    (2015-02-01) Salim, Mohammad; Al Marzouqi, Faisal; Abdul, Rahman; Jawad
    Due to rising fuel costs and increasing environmental awareness, there is currently an increasing trend of using hybrid electric cars instead of regular internal combustion engine vehicles. Widespread adoption of hybrid electric vehicles depends on whether they can match the performance and reliability of regular cars.
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    Solar-Powered Smart Community
    (2015-02-01) Abboud, Eyas; AlMualla, Ahmed; Bin Rasheed, Ahmed; Amin, Mohamad
    Population growth in Dubai has increased power requirements, causing a depletion in natural resources. Our solution is to build a Smart Community in Dubai that will overcome these issues. The model consists of Thermal Solar Panels, Solar Roads, Building-integrated Photovoltaic materials, and Smart Grid Infrastructure.
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    Air Purifying Billboard
    (2015-02-01) Ezzidean, Hassan; Ailabouni, Khalil Gihad; Abdulrahman, Khalid; Jaouni, Khalid
    The aim of the project is to analyze how the use of an air purifying billboard can reduce air pollution.
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    Waste-to-Energy Transfer
    (2015-02-01) Al Saeed, Afra; Jaroor, Maryam; Ayman, Moaz; Farhoud, Tasneem
    There are several technologies that generate electricity from waste, including incineration, gasification, anaerobic digestion and compaction. The incineration process generates electricity by combusting waste under controlled conditions.
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    Independent Sustainable City
    (2015-02-01) Chehab, Karim; Alzarooni, Eisa; Ezzeddine, Ameen; Jabr, Ahmed
    Nowadays, cities are mostly relying on non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels. The International Energy Agency estimates that in 2011, 81.2% of the world’s primary sources of energy came from fossil fuels.
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    Energy Efficient Houses in the Middle Eastern Region
    (2015-02-01) El-Hag, Al-Baraa; Waleed, Danial; Mannan, Omar; Al-Madani, Osama
    The Middle East is a region which relies heavily on fossil fuels for energy, the disadvantages of this are well known. Furthermore, even if we were to move towards renewable energy sources there are underlying efficiency issues. Therefore, the objective is to research different methods to improve energy efficiency on a per house basis.
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    Carbon Capture and Sequestration
    (2015-02-01) Dias, Kevin Rose; Thomas, Alwin; Ibrahim, Salma; Elshenawy, Ahmed
    Global warming is continuous problem facing our world today. Carbon sequestration could be the solution to resolving this problem.
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    Dubai Metro and Green Energy
    (2015-02-01) Prem, Arun; Haddad, Issa; Gharaibeh, Basil; Babar, Daniyal
    With almost 149,000 daily riders, the Metro is used more frequently and with the proposed expansion, Metro should be modified to run on green energy that will benefit the city in terms of energy consumption and it’s vision towards a smart city
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    Solar Updraft Tower In Al-Ain
    (2015-02-01) Agha, Deema; Idrees, Raja; Abdul-Jabbar, Mahmud; Ebraheem, Ali Y.
    In recent years, the UAE has taken significant steps to protect the environment, such as building shams solar tower in Abu-Dhabi. The main source of air pollution in the UAE is the oil and gas industry, followed by the power and transportation sectors.
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    Vehicle Emissions Recycling
    (2015-02-01) Hassan, Ali; Al-Barazi, Ashraf; Ahmed, Hoshank; Al Sharif, Obai; Al Sharif, Odai
    This project focuses on finding a solution to reduce the air pollution in the atmosphere due to emissions emitted from light vehicles. Problem statement: finding a useful way to recycle emissions in order to reduce air pollution and use the extracted recycle in water treatment.
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    Autonomous Waste-to-Energy Converter
    (2014-07-22) Wadi, Ali; El-Chanati, Mahmoud; Ahmed, Mentalla; Shapsough, Shams
    4 trillion kilograms of waste are produced each year in eastern Europe and central Asia alone. The amount of waste produced is increasing exponentially. Waste is being dumped on residential grounds, in landfills and in the ocean. Countries suffering from excess amounts of waste are energy-deficient. Unprocessed wastes emit the devastating to the atmosphere methane. Most organic waste can be utilized to generate energy.
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    Finding a Solution For Recycling Wastes
    (2014-07-22) Amer, Karim; Hamdan, Hassan; Charkaoui, Younis
    Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable growth in trash disposal all over the UAE, especially in Dubai, due to its huge demographic growth. Most of this trash is being disposed in large landfills in huge quantities, which represents a lost opportunity for recycling. On the other hand, there have been many technological advancements in every field, except the traditional recycle bin, which has seen minimal to no major improvement for decades now. This means that we are running out of means to efficiently dispose our ever growing waste .
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    Power with Every Step
    (2014-07-22) AlAssaf, Hadi; Farhan, Khalil; AlKhatib, Yazan
    Satisfying the needs for clean energy by utilizing human footsteps.
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    Self Powered Gymnasium
    (2014-07-22) Suleiman, Sarah; Shams, Mohammad; Al-Hufaity, Jenan
    Exercising machines consume a lot of energy that can be utilized to generate clean electricity. The world is experiencing energy crises due to growing demand for energy and dependence on fossil fuels.