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Evaluating Reading Comprehension Testing in Kuwait

Barman, Meshari A.
A Master of Arts thesis in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) by Meshari A. Barman entitled, "Evaluating Reading Comprehension Testing in Kuwait," submitted May 2016. Thesis advisor is Dr. Betty Lanteigne. Soft and hard copy available.
In order to improve Kuwait eighth grade intermediate stage reading comprehension tests, it is important to obtain concrete information about the usefulness of these tests. This study is an evaluation of the current eighth grade reading comprehension first instruction period test in Kuwait in terms of test usefulness. The current reading comprehension test specifications were reviewed and evaluated, based on Davidson and Lynch's (1993) model of test specifications. In this research 16 eighth grade English language teachers, 25 English language heads of department, and 6 English language supervisors were surveyed to evaluate the implementation of the test specifications, and to identify the Kuwait English language teachers', department heads', and supervisors' practices in constructing, validating and administering their eighth grade reading comprehension tests. In addition, the study analyzed eight schools' first period reading comprehension tests to evaluate their usefulness in terms of test reliability, construct validity and content validity. The study shows that there is a need to improve the eighth grade reading test specifications in terms of providing text readability level, text type, instructions, scoring criteria, score interpretation criteria, validity, and reliability, in order to help test writers develop more useful reading tests.
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