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Evaluations of Sustainable Concepts in Civil Engineering Program

Al-Tamimi, Adil
Mortula, Maruf
Abu-Lebdeh, Ghassan
Beheiry, Salwa
Sustainability has been very critical for civil engineering graduates. A lack of understanding the fundamentals of sustainable material brings obstacles in implementing the concepts of sustainability in civil engineering practices. Building industry being a leading contributor of green house gases has been largely occupied by civil engineers. Materials are one of the areas that need sustainability in an integrated manner. Concrete and steel structures in addition to water resources and solid waste are most commonly managed by civil engineers. In this paper, two main components were tested to measure sustainability applications in the learning process. ACI-Life 365 program and direct measure approach have been applied. The two components provided real mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of the two approaches in enhancing sustainability learning. The result showed strong interest and improved learning outcomes in sustainability concepts by allowing learners to analyze various sustainability scenarios and choose the most effective one. It saved cost and increased the service life of buildings. The direct measure showed high success rate between 88%-94% which meets the threshold passing criteria related to sustainability applications.