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A Review of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Healthcare Industry: A United Arab Emirates Perspective

Kais, El-Cheikh Fadi
Ghafouri, Ali
Al Shamsi, Mohamed
The last few decades have seen an unprecedented scope and intensity of disruptors to key industries globally. Among the most impactful of these disruptors is artificial intelligence (AI), which has manifested in numerous ways across a very wide-ranging and diverse set of industries. This review article aims to provide a broad overview of global disruption and a brief history of AI as a key disruptor. The current and future impacts of AI are outlined, with a particular focus on its use in the healthcare industry, broadly defined. From this base, the article discusses specific implications of the application of AI in hospitals, using some recent examples from the United Arab Emirates. With this review article, we aim to contribute to current knowledge on the distribution of AI across the healthcare industry, and the future implications for hospitals and their immediate stakeholders.
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