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Solar Powered Building with Dynamic Shading System

Talih, Raafat
Kandil, Nourhan
Mahgoub, Thuraya
Antoon, Fadi
Al Maazmi, Mohamed
A poster submitted in ENG 207 taught by Dr. David Prescott for the Fall 2013 semester.
The design and architecture of the International Royal Hotel (IRH) complies with the code of green building as the hotel does not depend solely on non-renewable energy sources. Moreover, the IRH's design is the most efficient and workable design that solves the issues faced by buildings in the Gulf. The results of our group research showed that buildings in the Gulf face two major problems, heat and glare from the Sun and the increasing cost of electricity bills. Our first solution is using a dynamic shading system that limits the amount of extra unwanted light (and heat) into the building; thereby keeping the building cool and reducing the cooling load needed. The second solution is using solar panels that will power up the entire building during the day and switching to power from the government at night, as a result the electricity bills reduce by half. The design of the IRH is efficient and beautiful as well. Our engineers have a future vision, with great appreciation to the culture of the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the design of the shading system ("Mashrabyia" units) is inspired from the old Islamic architecture which makes the building a unique high-tech project that combines the past with the present technology. The IRH is also unique as it provides the client with lower electricity bills every month. The location of the IRH (Down Town Dubai) will play a major role in the tourism industry in Dubai which will enhance Dubai’s economy.
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