About Us

DSpace is the Institutional Repository at the American University of Sharjah. We collect both student and faculty work and make it available online. Our collection includes Masters Theses, the School of Business Administration Working Paper Series, and a growing collection of faculty publications. DSpace provides long-term access to this material, making it easily discoverable to a global audience. 

How to submit your publication to DSpace

In order to submit your papers to DSpace:

  1. Check SHERPA/RoMEO or the publisher’s website to verify which version of the paper you are legally able to upload.
  2. Log into DSpace
  3. Go to Self-submissions
  4. Click on the “+” in the upper left, then click “New”, then “Item”.  Click on the “Self-submissions” to select the collection. 
  5. Follow the directions to complete your submission.
  6. A librarian will review your submission. We will contact you if we need further information.Click “Submit a new item to this collection”

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your liaison librarian or email repository@aus.edu and request that we add your publication.

Why submit your publication to DSpace?

  • Most publishers allow you to publish a manuscript version of a paper or book chapter on an Institutional Repository
  • Make your work findable on Google and Google Scholar
  • Increase exposure to your research
  • Enhance your research impact
  • Easily link colleagues to your paper
  • Contribute to the growing body of research literature freely available online

What can you submit to DSpace

  • Journal articles   
  • Book chapters   
  • Conference presentations   
  • Posters   
  • Working papers

Copyright restrictions

Each publisher or journal has its own copyright restrictions that limit what you can put on an Institutional Repository. These are some terms you may come across:


Usually refers to the first draft of the article, before peer-review. Also called:

  • Preprint
  • Submitted Version
  • Author’s Original Manuscript (AOM)    


The finished article, after peer-review. This is the version that is accepted for publication, but not the version that’s been type-set by the publisher. Also called:


  • Accepted Manuscript (AM)
  • Accepted Version

Publisher’s version

This is the final published version. Also called:

  • Typeset version
  • Final PDF version
  • Published Journal Article
  • Final Version
  • Version of Record

If you have any additional questions about copyright and DSpace, simply contact copyright@aus.edu.