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Enhancing the Tsunami Alert System

Almarzooqi, Mariam
Alshehhi, Bashayer
Mansouri, Seyedeh Fatemah
Al-Alami, Abderrahmane
A poster submitted in ENG 207 taught by Dr. David Prescott for the Fall 2016 semester.
The Circum-Pacific belt, is the zone of earthquakes surrounding the Pacific Ocean-about 90% of the world's earthquakes occur there [1]. The current tsunami alert system, DART 2, consists of a network of sensors underground and the communication infrastructure aboveground. The underground sensors are the tsunameter which is a pressure sensor and the other sensor is the ocean buoy. The aboveground communication infrastructure covers the satellite and the ground stations. DART 2 has been implemented in many areas around the world. However, this system is inefficient.
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