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Design of Precision RSSI Circuit for Wireless Power Transfer Receivers

Alawar, Fatma Suhail Abdulwahid Abdulrahman
A Master of Science thesis in Electrical Engineering by Fatma Suhail Abdulwahid Abdulrahman Alawar entitled, “Design of Precision RSSI Circuit for Wireless Power Transfer Receivers”, submitted in January 2023. Thesis advisor is Dr. Lutfi Albasha and thesis co-advisor is Dr. Hasan Mir. Soft copy is available (Thesis, Completion Certificate, Approval Signatures, and AUS Archives Consent Form).
Tracking systems for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems are becoming a necessity. WPT is a modern way of wirelessly charging devices using RF beams. The target signals are sometimes too weak to be received, which is why it is critical to have a dedicated received signal strength indicator (RSSI) at the receiver side for signal detection. It can also be used for transmitter localization and automatic gain control (AGC) to ensure continuous coverage. In this thesis, an RSSI coupled with a high-speed full-wave rectifier is designed to operate at 5.8 GHz. A sensitivity level of 10 uV, logarithmic error of 0.4 dB, and dynamic range of 34 dB are achieved by the proposed system. The proposed RSSI system is designed for a moving wireless power transfer receiver using TSMC 65 nm CMOS technology, and it is aimed at WPT systems that require high sensitivity.
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