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Implementation of the Hyperloop in the U.A.E. Eilin

Rachid, Eilin
Hamdan, Ahmad
Elias, Mina
Al Ajaji, Lama
Arafa, Taher
A poster submitted in ENG 207 taught by Dr. David Prescott for the Fall 2016 semester.
The rapid increase in the UAE population has increased the need of transportation which results in Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions . Therefore, this may lead to devastating results if there was no transportation system that could contribute in decreasing the CO2 emissions. Therefore, the implementation of the Hyperloop could be a solution in resolving such a problem, which was envisioned by Elon Musk. It is a fast transportation system that can go up to 1220 kph which uses solar energy that makes it produce the power needed to allow it to be self-sufficient system and it is eco-friendly [1].
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