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The Translation of Lexical Collocations in Literary Texts

Al Sughair, Yusra
A Master of Arts thesis in Translation and Interpreting (English/Arabic/English) by Yusra Al Sughair entitled, "The Translation of Lexical Collocations in Literary Texts." Thesis advisor is Dr. Sattar Izwaini and it was submitted in June 2011. Available are both hard and soft copies of the thesis.
Collocations are a fascinating linguistic phenomenon in language and in translation. Collocations reflect the linguistic, stylistic and cultural features of texts. Therefore, the importance of collocations, generally in language and particularly in the translation of literary texts, as well as the way(s) in which they are translated, is investigated in this thesis. Within the process of translation, collocations are subject to different approaches opted for by translators when they transfer them for the source text into the target text. The present thesis is a descriptive quantitative study of the translation of collocations in literary texts from English into Arabic. It makes use of the techniques of corpus linguistics to account for frequencies of occurrence and translation strategies. Four English literary works translated into Arabic are examined. The study attempts to shed light on how translators deal with collocations when transferring them to the target language, and whether the target text fulfils the linguistic and stylistic characteristics of the collocations or not. Three questions are investigated: What happens to collocations when they are translated? How do translators deal with collocations? And, what strategies do they adopt in translating collocations in literary texts? The study endeavours to answer these questions. The study shows that calque translation seems to be the most frequent strategy in translating collocation in literary texts. Collocations are also modified in translation and therefore both marked and unmarked collocations have unmarked translations. In some cases, collocations end up as non-collocations in the target text.
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