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Language and Ideology: A Discourse and Translation Perspective

Humaid, Balqees A.
A Master of Arts thesis in Translation and Interpreting MATI (English/Arabic/English) by Balqees A. Humaid entitled, "Language and Ideology: A Discourse and Translation Perspective," submitted in June 2014. Thesis advisor is Dr. Basil Hatim. Soft and hard copy available.
This study attempts to analyze the way Arabic Media reconstructs news. In spite of the fact that the written press is supposed to be one of the most reliable sources for information, its output has often been controversial, an aspect of language and ideology that calls for closer analysis and research. News is not always there solely to inform. Passing value judgments, even promoting various agendas are just a few of the many missions media outlets seem to cater for. The corpus will be reports of 'disturbances' or conflicts taking place in certain Arab countries chosen from Ala'a El Elgibali and Nevica Korica's. Media Arabic (2007) and from a number of Arabic media channels compared with international ones. The textual aspect is highlighted and analytical devices are defined. The aim is to track the prominent persuasive strategies used in the reconstruction of news. News is found to be manipulated systematically, consistently and professionally to influence readers who may either change the way they approach content or may have to widen their frames of reference.
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